Miami Heart Research Institute is well positioned for a long and productive future in cardiovascular research, education and prevention by combining our unique resources with those of other established centers. Whether in partnership with another research center of excellence nationally or another community service organization locally, we believe that we are stronger as a team than we each are individually. Working collaboratively with other organizations allows each entity to participate fully where their individual strengths lie.

Our independence allows us to pursue research, education and prevention programs based solely upon scientific merit and pursuit of our mission. Miami Heart Research Institute’s programs and alliances are NOT influenced by political agendas or projected profits.  This freedom permits us to focus on projects and research partners that demonstrate the most promise for advancement in the field.

Partnerships are selected based upon their world-class expertise, credentials and their ability to contribute to the project. These cooperative relationships allow MHRI to “fast-track” the project bypassing the usual bureaucracy endured by larger institutions.

We believe that through research combined with education about the causes, risk factors and lifestyle options, heart disease can be stopped. Research discoveries benefit all humanity and education promotes informed choices thereby improving outcomes and quality of life.