Miami Heart Research Institute sponsors educational programs for both lay and medical communities. We have made education an integral part of our mission because we believe the most effective way to prevent or reduce the incidence of cardiac disease is through an understanding of how lifestyles and risk factors can contribute to disease onset and progression. 

Medical Education
The annual Irwin R. Callen, MD Memorial Lectureship brings educational leaders in cardiovascular medicine and/or research to Florida physicians. Because of its popularity, the Callen Lecture is now provided at the annual conference of the Florida Chapter of the American College of Cardiology reaching physicians statewide. 

Local Scholarships
The Joan K. Stout RN Advanced Cardiovascular Nursing Scholarship provides highly qualified nurses with funds to advance their nursing education. In addition, a summer fellowship program is awarded to two local college students interested in pursuing a career in medicine or medical research.

Our comprehensive website at enables us to disseminate information to physicians and the general public throughout the world.